What you should know

About us. As an American owned and operated business, we leverage science, expertise, and nature to produce the most potent formulations in the beauty industry. All of our products are made in-house by our chemists in Florida using high-end ingredients.

Delivery service. We offer deliveries for customers in Dade and Broward Counties for orders over $100. Deliveries to Palm Beach County are available for orders over $150. Aside from that, we ship all over the world.

No refunds. We're confident that you'll love the results you achieve with Speedy Skin Lightener. Our formula is designed to brighten and even out skin tone, leaving you with a radiant complexion you'll be proud of.

Heroes shop Free. First responders, teachers, and nurses in the USA will receive a credit of $100. As a way of showing gratitude for your service, we invite you to shop with us, with $100 on us. This applies to police officers, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, nurses (LPN, RN, CNA), and teachers. 


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Or by phone at (305) 565-5518